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About Us

Integrasi ICT (M) Sdn Bhd
is a wholly owned Malaysian company incorporated on 1st of December 2003 and is registered with the Ministry of Finance and other government agencies in Malaysia. The registration with the Ministry of Finance in particular has put us on an advantageous position vis-à-vis other companies as this is a pre-requisite requirement for all suppliers wanting to do business with the government of Malaysia.

Long Since inception our focus of business has been on the Information and Communications Technology segment and this is being done through a consistently customer-centric approach with the effective integration of people, technology and infrastructure.We have an amalgam of experiences and skills acquired throughout the years of our existence which put us in good stead ahead. As a company we have incorporated and built upon our successes and experiences to form a solid company ready to meet the business challenges of organizations today.

We believe the time has come for Integrasi ICT (M) Sdn Bhd to be a major player in information technology and telecommunication businesses. The company’s proven ability to rapidly respond to change helps Integrasi ICT (M) Sdn Bhd to be in tune with the latest technology and business practices and which in turn translates into solutions designed for tomorrow and the future.

Health and Safety Assurance

Integrasi ICT (M) Sdn Bhd has committed to deliver goods and projects to specification, on time and within budget. The company’s methodology provides a structured approach to project systems. We will also adopt any methodology agreeable with and acceptable to the management through consultation in the key elements including definition, planning, scheduling and control by using computerized project management packages such as Microsoft Project.

Integrasi ICT (M) Sdn Bhd operates on a strict and comprehensive policy for Health, Safety and the Environment. All employees operate within the tenets of this policy and all projects are carried out in accordance with the prevailing Health & Safety regulations and codes of practices of DOSH, NIOSH and CIDB.